When a pediatrician comes to mind, you probably think about treating a virus or infection, broken bones, wellness checkups, vaccines, and the like. But there are so many behavorial issues that arise seemingly without a direct medical course of action. And, often, whether your child is experiencing a transitional or long-term problem, behavioral medicine is the answer. An integration of medicine and psychology, behavorial medicine focuses on all the avenues of treatment, both physical and mental, and can treat, among many conditions, the following examples:



 toilet-training  attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
 bedwetting  oppositional-defiant disorder
 thumbsucking  anxiety/depression
 conflicts over meals  conduct problems
 discipline issues  

At Hendersonville Pediatrics, we're staffed with two incredible behavioral medicine experts: Dr. William Dalton (Licensed Psychologist), Dr. Elizabeth Conway Williams (Licensed Psychological Associate), and Michael Thomas (Licensed Professional Counselor). If a certain issue has already been diagnosed in your child, or if you've identified an issue and don't know what steps to take, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about how Hendersonville Pediatrics can help.