To better ensure the health of our employees and patients, we have instituted many new sanitation practices since mid-March. 
These inlcude:

    • Sanitation of all hard surfaces by nightime housekeeping staff.
    • Sanitation of all patient care areas after each patient encounter and throughout the day.
    • All patient waiting takes place in family vehicles thus, greatly reducing use of waiting rooms.
    • Temperature and symptoms screening of everyone entering the building.  This includes all patients, patient escorts, delivery staff, doctors and employees.
    • Installation of highest quality air filtration available within HVAC units.
    • Installation of new barrier to create physical separation between well and sick patients.
    • Masking of all staff throughout the day.
    • Masking of all patients and patient escorts that have any signs of respiratory illness, cough, or fever.
    • CDC approved disposal of all personal protective equipment used throughout the day.
    • Constant hand sanitizing by doctors and staff throughout the day.