One of the most prestigious honors available to primary care practices such as ours is becoming certified by an independent quality agency as a “Patient-Centered Medical Home (P.C.M.H.).

Hendersonville Pediatrics is a certified Patient-Centered Medical Home.
We proudly boast this news because P.C.M.H. certification ensures you, our patients, that we deliver the most up-to-date, compassionate care available. Obtaining this certification is not easy. We must not only demonstrate that Hendersonville Pediatrics doctors and staff have excellent clinical expertise and skill but also that they deliver care in a caring and sensitive manner.

You share responsibility for helping us maintain P.C.M.H. certification in the following ways:

1) Obtain care and clinical advice from us whenever possible before seeking care and advice from other sources. Know how to reach us during regular hours and after hours. Always seek care immediately through the nearest emergency room should your child be experiencing a medical emergency that can threaten their life and wellbeing. For non-emergency situations, you can count on us doing everything possible to work in your sick or injured child in a convenient, safe manner. Always schedule your child’s well visits such as annual physicals, sports physicals, and camp physicals with us. This is the best way of ensuring your child will be checked out top to bottom by someone who knows your child.

2) Comply with all medication and specialty referral orders initiated by your pediatrician.

3) Inform our office right away should you seek specialty care through self-referral. This way we can update your child’s records and help coordinate care as needed among your child’s multiple care providers.

4) Talk to your pediatrician about a behavioral health referral to one of our practitioners should your child start to experience difficult or troubling behavior patterns.

5) Should you need information about obtaining health insurance coverage for your children contact our office. We will do our best to offer you helpful information and assistance.

Hendersonville Pediatrics has re-opened it’s patient portal with new and improved services and reliability. If you’ve not already registered for your individual Followmyhealth account please contact our office immediately to get started. Once you create your portal login using a unique username and password you will enjoy many benefits including accessing your child’s health records, communicating with your child’s doctor, requesting prescription refills, requesting appointments, and receiving email reminders. Don’t wait to set up this valuable service. It’s safe, convenient and secure.

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With over fifty years of ongoing care, Hendersonville Pediatrics, P.A. is committed to providing quality, state of the art, comprehensive and compassionate healthcare for the children of Western North Carolina.  We love our children and yours!

What makes us stand out? Why should you choose us for your child's medical care?

Our group includes both female and male physicians, assuring the comfort of your child with their medical provider.
Our ongoing medical missionary work across the world.
Each of our physicians has their own areas of special interest and study, assuring the expertise you want and need for your child.
Electronic medical records.
Efficient and thorough medical care.

The physicians and staff at Hendersonville Pediatrics are constantly striving to improve our level of service.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below.  Thanks!!