“We were vacationing in the mountains and my young son became ill. Having never met us before, Hendersonville Pediatrics saw my son just 2 hours after my initial call. Dr. Wells quickly diagnosed my son with pneumonia--which had been overlooked by the emergency-room physician we saw just 36 hours earlier. He devised a plan to keep my 1 year old out of the hospital while treating him, and consulted with his usual pediatrician back home. My son was very much improved in just 24 hours. Dr. Wells and his staff were very professional, but we felt at the same time that we were being treated as family, despite being total strangers. This was truly one of the best encounters I've ever had with medical care. Despite the seriousness of the diagnosis, our experience was a positive one because we happened on this practice. I am overwhelmingly grateful.”

– Rachel D.