Kids Corner with Dr. S 

Welcome to my blog! I am Dr. Lauretta Stombaugh (Dr. S) and I have been part of the Hendersonville Pediatrics family for over 6 years. I have decided to share this blog because I feel that it is vital for parents and caregivers to be well-informed as well as have access to solid, accurate medical information. Your children are our children and we take pride in the excellent care we provide here at Hendersonville Pediatrics. Please join me monthly (or every two weeks if my four kids allow me time to write!) and I will in turn provide interesting, helpful and maybe even comical blogs.  Ready, set, go!!

I'm writing this blog because my firstborn used to eat butter under the dining room table in secret. Leaving me chunks of butter with teeny teethmarks. My second child thinks that three PB & Js make up a balanced meal. My third is a carb addict who uses vegetables as a way to eat his ketchup. My fourth kiddo eats like a grown man and eats your leftovers when you aren't looking. They have all been picky at some point. Some for a brief time and others for a very, long, exhausting two years. So I feel for you when you say, " my kiddo eats nothing." That is exactly how it feels at times. 

I'm in the " mom of four" club. It's an unspoken club where parents understand the level of chaos and joy in their families of four. There's a club for every family. We look at families of one with envy. "Wow. They only have one car seat!" We look at families of two and think, " wow. They only bathe two kids at night." Three? "Wow. They only have three! They are so smart." Then we look at our family of fours and say, "you are nuts! Oh wait, so am I."

As pediatricians we examine many ears in a day’s work. I can’t say i like it very much even after 11 years in pediatrics. Newborns are easier to examine, however, you can’t see very much. Infants sometimes beat me up. Toddlers, well, they are toddlers. Enough said. They put all kinds of things in there, but then they don’t want us to shine a light in there for 3 seconds. Younger children are usually fine with an ear check and don’t put objects in there which makes me happy ( I am starting a collection of “things I have removed from ears and noses”). Teenagers usually stay still for the ear exam, but are always self- conscious about ear wax (necessary for a healthy ear!).

Imagine this. Your adorable toddler is finally snoring away in his/her own bed (ok, maybe in your bed, across your pillow with an arm and/or leg angled around your neck, drooling) But, they are asleep! and you are ready to enjoy a hot cup of coffee…wait. nevermind. you have to get up in 6 hours and there is no time for coffee now. maybe you can do some of that laundry? nah. that’s boring. will never finish it until morning anyway. so, that leaves you with making lunches, loading the dishwasher, cleaning up toys or maybe just going to bed. As you grapple with these big decisions, you hear it. the blood curdling screams.

Beach Babies

As I write this, I am on my way to the beach with four energetic kids, 8 years and under. Echoing behind me ( in my very hip 12-passenger van, with the faint smell of poop, cheese popcorn and Luca's sweaty feet) is the sound of " are we there yet? what time will we get there? I see palm trees, does that mean we are close? how many more minutes? "All the while the baby keeps breaking free from her car seat. I know I know, you're envious. Isn't vacation with kids so relaxing?