Since its origin over 60 years ago, Hendersonville Pediatrics, P.A. has been a leading provider of pediatric services in our region. Hendersonville Pediatrics initially started as an independent physician owned and operated Practice and remains that way today with strong affiliations to our local medical centers and hospitals. We are committed to serving families of all social and economic backgrounds. We specifically recruit physicians and staff that have bilingual abilities and excel as pediatric clinicians. We continue to modernize our practice using the latest technologies including a fully electronic medical health record and patient portal. Lastly, we always seek the best possible outcomes and positive experience for our patients.

Our practice has proudly earned advanced certification as a Patient Centered Medical Home awarded by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a way of proving our commitment to only the highest quality care for children.

Founded by the late Gletcher Raiford M.D. Hendersonville Pediatrics opened its doors in downtown Hendersonville on 7th Ave in 1952. Hendersonville Pediatrics was the first institution to offer night and weekend clinic in the area as well as use electronic medical records. As our business grew it soon became evident that we needed a second office. Dr. Wells oversaw the satellite office located in the Water Oaks Suites in downtown Brevard. Dr. Wells and Dr. Volk worked there several days a week while still seeing patients in Hendersonville. Eventually the Water Oaks office permanently relocated to where we are today, Medical Park Drive. Over the years, our practice has modernized our facilities, has added in house lab services, and now offers a wide variety of health care services such as behavioral counseling, allergy testing, and nutritional experts.

The following is a list of doctors practicing at Hendersonville Pediatrics in approximate chronological order of their joining our practice since it started:
Fletcher L. Raiford, MD
Donald A Thomas, MD
James V. Volk, MD
Ora Wells, MD
Wilfred P. Derhsen, MD
Linda S. Goodwin, MD
C. Danny Waldrop, MD
Ronald Burell, PA
Denneth M. Dennis, MD
James L. Horwitz, MD
Veresa T. Myers, MD
Charlotte Riddle, MD
Teresa Herbert, MD
Brent Baker, MD
Derek Moss, MD
Ann Farash, MD
Anne Smith, MD
Katherine Swain, MD
Lauretta Stombaugh, MD
Kristen Neil, MD
Dustin Alderson, MD