back to school covid

The physicians at Hendersonville Pediatrics are committed to keeping your child safe and making the best recommendations during the COVID pandemic based on CDC guidelines.

As healthcare providers, our staff and physicians cannot make the ultimate decision for what is best for your child. You, as a parent, know your child best and know what is the best option for them as school returns in the coming weeks.

Here are a few things to know about Hendersonville Pediatrics' policies and recommendations:

  • Hendersonville Pediatrics physicians will not write a mask exemption letter for any patient or circumstance. If your child has difficulty wearing a mask, we suggest the parent work with the school to find a solution. To support parents in this effort, Hendersonville Pediatric physicians will write a letter confirming a patient’s diagnosis, which the parent can then relay to the school.

  • Hendersonville Pediatrics physicians cannot recommend virtual or in-person school for a child, as that is a parent’s decision.
  • Hendersonville Pediatrics physicians strongly recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible persons (6 months and older). Vaccines are available upon request at County Health Departments and local pharmacies.