A miracle of modern medicine is that a variety of childhood conditions can be prevented through proper vaccination. Hendersonville Pediatrics, P.A. prides itself in its commitment to supporting patients with being properly vaccinated throughout their childhood and adolescence. Despite the controversy over alleged unintended side-effects of selected vaccinations, our providers follow evidence-based practices and are committed to promoting good health through proper immunization.
Parents obviously play a huge role in partnering with their child’s pediatrician to ensure proper immunization. It can get complicated keeping straight which vaccinations are recommended for which ages. Normally, any scheduled vaccinations are administered and reviewed at your child’s well child check. We encourage you to contact our office at any time you have questions concerning your child’s immunization history or schedule. Please note that immunization history records can now be accessed directly by you through our patient portal. If you’ve not already registered for this valuable service please call our office.

Vaccine Information Statements
CDC Vaccine Information
Immunization Action Coalition (a non-governmental advocacy site)

Vaccine Schedule Recommendations
These schedules are approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics​, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and five other health care organizations. They are based on review of the most recent scientific data for each vaccine. To be on the recommended schedule, the vaccines must be licensed by the Food and Drug Administration.

The schedule also recommends the age when children ​and teens​ should receive each vaccine. Following this schedule g​ives children the best protection from diseases. To make the schedule more reader-friendly, it is split into two age groups:

Vaccine Recommendations Birth to Age 6

Vaccine Recommendations Age 7 to Age 18