Symptoms of COVID-19

If your child is experiencing cough, sore throat, runny nose, fever, and/or body aches, please call before bringing your child to our office. We don't have testing kits for Covid-19 and we will be able to triage your child and make a recommendation based on presenting symptoms.

NCDHHS does not recommend testing patients with MILD symptoms at this point. These include fever and cough but no shortness of breath.
- These patients should self-quarantine for 7 days or until they have been symptom and medication free for 72 hours (whichever is longer). For example, if a patient is quarantined but only has symptoms for 2 days, then they are to remain isolated for the full 7 days, because that is longer than the 5 days with symptoms and then being free of symptoms.

- Family/household members of someone that is self-quarantined should self-monitor and limit interaction outside the home. If they become symptomatic, then they should follow the same guidelines as listed above. 

NCDHHS will test for patients with MODERATE/SEVERE symptoms and recommends that the patient proceeds to the closest emergency room, BUT, call before going to notify that you will be arriving and have these symptoms. Click here for more info.

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