Do you have a child that is a picky eater?  Well, welcome to normal!  As a parent, it is natural for us to be concerned about what our children eat and as they grow, and that sometimes becomes a bit more of a struggle as they start to make their own choices.  This link to my latest video BLOG, click here, will give you some tips on working with those picky eaters.  Some of the advice includes:

Helping your child learn to set goals can improve self-esteem, teaches them the value of perseverance, and will help them develop habits they’ll be able to use for a lifetime. The start of a new year is the perfect time to sit down with your child and make a list of goals they’d like to accomplish. Setting goals as a family is also a fun way for everyone to work together and support each other!

If you’re tired of hearing the bleeps, clicks, and dings from the games your kids are playing on their devices and would like to see them use their imagination a bit more, we’ve got some great holiday gift ideas that don’t require electricity! Each section below will give you some ideas for non-tech gifts to give your children, as well as websites where you can buy them.

The holidays are right around the corner! You might find that this year’s holiday season is more stressful on your child than previous years. Our lives in 2020 have been upended, but there are ways you can help your child (and yourself) manage holiday stress and anxiety — and make this year's season one that's filled with comfort and joy! 

By popular demand, the Family Place has brought back the Grandparent Chat, a service focused on helping grandparents that are raising their grandchildren.   Childcare is provided and the program is free and open to all!

Come meet other families that share your situation. Find resources, make connections and celebrate strengths!  Click the PDF link below for time and contact information.