It’s summertime, which means it’s camp season here in Western North Carolina. A huge part of the culture of Henderson County is the summer camp industry. Since there’s no shortage of camps to choose from, it is important to take a few things into consideration to ensure that your child has a good well-rounded experience.

Before you choose a camp to send your kiddo to, you can always speak with camp staff about some important topics such as emergencies, meals and activities. Making sure that the camp staff know how to handle medical emergencies is important because, although camp activities are closely monitored by staff, accidents can happen and it’s good piece of mind to know if staff are required to be first-aid certified. If your child has special food allergies, knowing how the camp handles these situations can alleviate any stress about possible allergic reactions. Inquiring about how the meals are handled and how they handle special food-related requests is important to ensure your child’s utmost health! Camp is a great way to unplug your kids during the summertime. With so many outdoor activities available, camps expose children to their inner explorer and adventurer, but inquiring about the types of activities that your child might be doing at camp is a good way to make sure that your expectations of camp life are met.

Always make sure when packing your child’s camp trunk or suitcase. Sun burns and bug bites are a surefire way to detract from the camp experience, and they’re completely avoidable! Plus, insects can carry diseases and the suns rays can be potentially harmful, so much better safe than sorry.