Some major benefits of an annual physical include:

  • Checking your child's physical development -  Through routine checkups your pediatrician will be able to assess your child's growth and development, while also identifying any potential problems early enough to treat them before they become major conditions. 
  • Ensuring your child's immunizations are up-to-date - Not only do schools require yearly proof of immunization, but keeping up with your child's shot schedules helps protect them from serious illnesses that are difficult to treat once contracted.
  • Providing helpful nutritional advice - The sooner your child is introduced to healthy eating habits, the better. This doesn't simply require depriving your child of indulgment meals and sweets. Rather, it's best that both parent and child know how to balance nutritious food with treats.
  • Offering tips for safe exercise - Whether or not your child is a student athlete, knowing how to properly handle injuries and how to listen to the body is very important. Because your child is still growing, improper treatment of an injury can lead to lifelong complications.

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