April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. There are many ways that community members can work together to keep children safe. The following is info from childwelfare.gov.

National Nutrition Month highlights the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Here are some tips for you.

The weather is getting warm and it's time for al of us to start getting outdoors. Before you visit your next playground with the kids, consider these tips. 

Hendersonville Pediatrics cares about your family and the health of our community. Here are some resolutions that can have a major effect on your family's health, as well as happiness. 

1. Have Meals Together

Family meals foster family connectedness and benefit child and family health by:

 enhancing language development  improving nutrition  decreasing risk of drug, alcohol, and nicotine use  improving family relations  decreasing risk of engaging in sexual activity and  decreasing emotional stress.

2. Play Outside as a Family

Reasearch shows that play helps children develop social skills like cooperation and empathy; and for adults, play can help boost energy and vitality and improve resistance to disease.

3. Reach Out to Extended Family

For single parents, extended family members can serve as a support system and can often substitute as role models for children missing a dad or a mom.

4. Work on Family Relationships

Work on your marriage, spend quality time with your spouse and watch the benefits accumulate, not just for you and your spouse but for your children and the family unit as a whole.

5. Replace Screen Time with Family Fun Time

Instead, play board games, listen to music, and talk about your goals and dreams as a family. People often use screen time as a way to de-stress and 'veg-out' after a busy day; but spending quality time with people you love is an even better way to relax and take your mind off the stresses of the day.

6.  Get Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep on a regular basis leads to improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, emotional regulation, quality of life, and mental and physical health.

Any work toward these is great. Ultimately, don't make your resolutions so lofty that you and your family are unable to keep up with them. Keep it simple and make some general decisions that apply to the whole family. If you have questions, contact Hendersonville Pediatrics at 600 Beverly Hanks Centre Hendersonville, NC 28792 at (828) 693-3296. Happy 2019!


With the wintery weather in the forecast here in the western North Carolina mountains, there's no doubt the kids will want to be out playing in the snow! Make sure they are safe from the cold with these tips from Hendersonville Pediatrics.

Look for non-itchy fabrics such as fleece. Fleece-lined wool hats are excellent for warmth and comfort (and wool doesn't get stinky like some synthetics).
Get hats with ear flaps to keep little ears cozy.
Chin strap with buckle so the hat will stay on.
Avoid white hats - they are so hard to find in the snow!
Pompoms and ears/antlers etc are not ideal as it's hard to pull a hood over them in extreme weather, but if they make the difference between hat or no hat... get the hat your child will wear (and keep a pompom-less beanie in your pack).

Now that you are prepared, go have some fun!