Halloween is going to look a bit different this year, but there’s no reason your family can’t have fun! Whether you’re choosing to go out or stay in, we’ve got some great ideas for making this year’s celebration one your kids will remember for years to come.

A Stay-at-Home Celebration

Create your own spooky spectacular party!
Decide on a theme. Here are some great ideas to choose from.
Have your kids help you decorate the house for Halloween a few days before the party.
The day of the party, hide treats in areas around your house or yard.
Kick off the party by baking some Halloween-themed cupcakes.
Send your kids on a scavenger hunt, having them search for and find the treats you’ve hidden.
Cap everything off by gathering everyone to watch a thrilling Halloween movie.

A Pod Party

If you’ve created a “pod” with nearby friends, have a “progressive” Halloween party. Each home within the pod can offer something different as your kids progress from house to house.
Make a plan with your pod members, deciding on a theme. (Consider the theme ideas above.)
Have each home purchase candy and other theme-related items, such as inexpensive Halloween party favors, and give them out to the kids as they go from home to home. You may even want to have a progressive dinner; an appetizer at the first house, main course at the second house, etc.
End the night at the final house, where everyone can gather for dessert (or to indulge in all the trick-or-treat candy)!

A Virtual Party

Virtual parties are great when you want to involve grandparents or other family or friends who are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. They’ll still get to see the kids in their costumes!
Schedule a virtual meeting via Zoom, Google Meet, or another platform.
Have your kids dress up in their costumes, then have a Halloween fashion show; each kid can “walk the runway” in front of the screen, showing off their costume. You could even have an emcee announce each “model” and talk about his or her costume!
End the virtual party by sharing favorite Halloween memories; this is a perfect time for older folks to share their childhood memories with younger kids.

Going Out

If you do choose celebrate Halloween by going out, follow these guidelines to keep safe.
Keep six feet of distance between anyone who is not in your family; avoid crowds.
Wear a cloth mask. (Remember that traditional Halloween masks will not protect you from COVID-19.) You can make your cloth mask part of your costume!
Consider alternative events, such as trunk-or-treating, corn mazes, or pumpkin patches to avoid crowds.

For more tips on keeping safe this Halloween, visit the CDC's website


Hendersonville Pediatrics wishes you and your family a safe and FUN Halloween!