Happy family with child and shopping cart buying food at grocery store or supermarket

As the summer heat rises, so are grocery prices.

It’s more important now than ever to save what money you can on whatever you reasonably can in order to make ends meet. For many families, the grocery bill is often one of the highest costs of living, right after mortgage or rent payments, daycare or tuition payments, and car payments. Things have been getting more and more expensive over the past few years, but fortunately cutting costs on your grocery bill can be a feasible way to cut down on costs as needed while also ensuring your family gets high-quality and nutritious meals and snacks. Here are some tips:

• Avoid Grocery Shopping When You Are Hungry.

How many times have you wandered about the grocery store and daydreamed about how good certain foods are only to make impulse purchases and go over your grocery budget? We’ve all been there, but to cut down on grocery bills, eating a meal or snack before you go grocery shopping may help cut down on excessive and impulse purchases.

• Opt for Store Brand or Generic Items.

In many cases, store-brand products are often as good as the more expensive name-brand ones. Every little bit counts and if you can buy some canned vegetables, pasta, milk, or anything else in the generic brands, you will likely save money doing so.

• Check Out the Weekly Sales Flyers.

Who doesn’t love sales? Most stores offer sales on items on a rotating basis that changes each week. By grabbing a flyer and planning out meals that feature sale items, you can save a lot of money on your grocery bill.

• Make a List…And Stick to It.

At some point nearly each and every one of us have entered the grocery store with plans to only buy a few things that will fit in a basket, only to realize halfway through the store that you need a shopping cart for your items. One way to reduce these situations is by making a list of what you need and sticking to it. Don’t fall for the colorful candy and chip packages at the checkout that lure you into purchasing them. Were they on your list? No? Then leave them. Both your wallet and waistline will thank you.

• Create a Budget for Groceries.

Making a grocery budget, like you would do for anything else can go a long way in helping you avoid spending too much on groceries. Depending on the size of your family, set aside a specific weekly/bi-weekly/monthly amount dedicated to groceries. Consider taking out cash for groceries so that you can see exactly what you have and leave the credit cards at home if possible. This can help cut down excessive or impulsive food purchases.

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