Do you have a child that is a picky eater?  Well, welcome to normal!  As a parent, it is natural for us to be concerned about what our children eat and as they grow, and that sometimes becomes a bit more of a struggle as they start to make their own choices.  This link to my latest video BLOG, click here, will give you some tips on working with those picky eaters.  Some of the advice includes:

Be may have to introduce a child to a food more than 15 times before they actually get used to it.

Involve your child in what you are doing...with cooking, with baking or at the grocery store.

Offer a variety of foods on the plate at snack time, including one food that you know they like.

Avoid the food fights...offer a go-to substitute meal of healthy options that you know they like if they absolutely.

Even if your child skips a meal, its not a big deal.

Be careful to not use food as a reward or punishment.