Many think of playing as something only children do. But in reality, there are both physical and mental benefits of play for adults as well! Studies show that in adults playtime can help boost energy and improve resistance to disease. Playing, like exercising, can trigger a release of endorphins, which can help to encourage positive mood and even relieve pain. Playing also can provide a welcome distraction from life’s every day stressors and can help to ward off stressors and depression. Adult playtime with children is a great time for parents to connect with their child in an environment that allows the child to be completely expressive.

Playtime for children can help to encourage social growth including helping to develop feelings of empathy and cooperation. Group play can help to teach the importance of sharing and the give and take of friendship as well.

We encourage parents to take some time to incorporate play into their every day schedule. Some easy ways to do that include outdoor play with activities such as Frisbee, catch, kite flying or even a game of tag. Fun activities that can involve the whole family could include a family game night or weekend hike. All in all we encourage you to find activities to do with your child that do not include using electronics and allow for personal bonding and connection through talking and experiencing life together.