There are many good reasons why helping your child avoid the flu is a good idea.
• A child with the flu feels lousy and can run a high fever;
• A child with the flu typically miss precious school days (and parents miss work)
• A child with the flu may require trips to the E.R. or worse, hospitalization;
• Flu is easily spread among the whole family;
• A child with the flu will disrupt family holiday plans;

And as if this isn’t enough….

Contracting the flu may be more serious than you think.

Flu Deaths 2014 2015

Did you know that over the past few years, hundreds of children have died from influenza and many more have been hospitalized due to the flu? Severe flu can hit even the healthiest of children and render them in a life threatening situation. Flu accounts for more deaths in children than any other illness for which we have vaccinations available yet flu has the lowest rate of vaccination among our pediatric population. Although flu shots will not guarantee your child won't contract the flu this year, it's still the safest and most effective protection available.

Don’t delay. It’s easy to get your child a flu shot. Our practice has scheduled numerous flu clinics for you to choose from. You and your child will be out in a flash. Simply call your doctor’s office to schedule your child’s flu shot visit.  

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