With the wintery weather in the forecast here in the western North Carolina mountains, there's no doubt the kids will want to be out playing in the snow! Make sure they are safe from the cold with these tips from Hendersonville Pediatrics.

Look for non-itchy fabrics such as fleece. Fleece-lined wool hats are excellent for warmth and comfort (and wool doesn't get stinky like some synthetics).
Get hats with ear flaps to keep little ears cozy.
Chin strap with buckle so the hat will stay on.
Avoid white hats - they are so hard to find in the snow!
Pompoms and ears/antlers etc are not ideal as it's hard to pull a hood over them in extreme weather, but if they make the difference between hat or no hat... get the hat your child will wear (and keep a pompom-less beanie in your pack).

Now that you are prepared, go have some fun!