The best way to prevent playground accidents is through parental supervision. Parents need to be aware of where their children are and what they are doing at all times when they are on the playground. Children should not be dressed in clothing that could get catch on playground equipment, as it can cause children to get stuck or choked on playground equipment.

Make sure the playground equipment is age appropriate for your children. Parents should also check the condition of the playground. Look for damaged or broken equipment., as well as broken glass or other hazards on the ground. 

Most importantly ... pay attention to what your children are doing. Even though your children are occupied, you still need to watch them. It’s like they will be yelling for you to watch what they are doing, anyway! Hey mom…watch this! 

Playing is fantastic for exercise and for learning. Let’s make sure it’s safe, as well. Hendersonville Pediatrics is here for you when you need us.