With spring sports just around the corner, it’s the time of year when parents have to start thinking about scheduling a sports physical for their child. One question you may ask is, can I schedule my child’s physical with their Pediatrician? The answer is yes. Not only can you schedule a physical with your child’s existing Pediatrician, but also we encourage it, and here’s why:

Personal Knowledge:

More than likely your family’s Pediatrician has been treating your child (or children) for years. With these years of care comes a personal knowledge and standing relationship with your Pediatrician. They know you; they know your child, and they can detect with more accuracy if anything has changed since your child’s last check-up.

Medical Knowledge:

When you visit your Pediatrician, they have access to your child’s medical records right there in the office. If you visit a Sports Clinic they do not have access to these records, and therefore can’t possibly have the same range of knowledge. They do not know of pre-existing conditions unless that is disclosed to them during the physical visit; if something is different about your child, they won’t know. Your Pediatrician has access to these records. If something is different or they think that they sense a change, your Pediatrician can check the records immediately.

Cost Efficient:

Many times if your child has had his or her yearly well care visit, they do not need a separate sports physical at all. Your Pediatrician can sign a sheet saying they’ve been examined, as the well-care visit is good for one year. This saves you time and money, as most insurance providers cover well-care visits. During the well-care visit more is examined than in a standard physical. Necessary immunizations are given and screening tests can be performed if the Pediatrician notices something wrong.

So when thinking about your child’s physical, don’t sweat it. Give your Pediatrician a call to see if your child even needs to come back in or if they can sign a simple form giving them the go ahead to play sports. If they haven’t had their yearly well check-up then make an appointment and you will receive a more comprehensive idea of how your child is doing. All parents agree that a child’s health is nothing to skimp on, so who better to take care of your child than a professional who already knows you?