It’s the time of year when stomach bugs are running rampant around our schools and homes. Every day you pick up your child hoping that they stay healthy through the season. We’ve compiled some tips on how to help boost you and your child’s immune systems to prevent the stomach bug from hitting your household.

This is the time of year when the sound of a child coughing can cause a parent some serious anxiety- that’s right flu season is back. Get ahead of the game and schedule your child’s flu shot today. We have a few tips and facts to share with you about the flu vaccine that we hope will put your mind at ease even in the face of your child’s inevitable fear of shots.

Self-esteem, self worth and body image can play a huge role in your child’s life as they mature. Our children are always watching the way in which we and other adults interact with the world around us. This observance shapes how they interact with their peers, and those in positions of authority as well as how they think about themselves.

October is Children’s Health Month! So in honor of the health of our children, we are going to discuss a few different aspects to health. Also being recognized this month is eye injury prevention month, national bullying prevention month and world mental health day. These are the topics that we will be briefly touching on throughout this post, all of which relate to your child’s physical, emotional or mental health.

As a child, going to routine doctor visits can be a terrifying experience. You never know if you are in for a non-eventful appointment or if there might be a vaccine involved. So how as parents do we help our child through anxiety they might feel towards going to the doctor? We’ve got some tips.